Hologram systems, which do not have a single line but differ depending on the field of implementation and expectations, are an illusion method in which the light or commercial image is shown as “holding” in the air. “Hologram Stage” works create remarkable & memorable results in fairs and launches where physical conditions are handled, especially in big meetings and events. Hologram stage works do not require darkness, it is sufficient to control the light coming to the stage and suitable for outdoor use. However, conditions that can damage electronic components such as excessive temperatures, daylight and rain can negatively affect outdoor use. Hologram stage works provide opportunities such as taking photos with holographic characters, communicating and acting together. In hologram stage projects, it is important that the stage dimensions and the activity with the hologram are well planned.

Holographic scenes can be designed as a seamless and maximum 32 meters starting from a scene of 4 meters high and 3 meters wide with the MUSION patented Peppers Ghost method. It can be designed 6 meters high and 12 meters wide in scenes designed with holographic tulle. MUSION’s technical team will help you to decide which technique will be the most suitable method according to the usage area. Holographic contents can be used in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional channels.